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Fast Cash for Gold in Adelaide

Being established for over 30 years, we are experienced goldsmiths, who are highly practiced in valuing gold.  Part of Cash N Trades enduring reputation is based on the value customers get as we pay the highest prices for gold in Adelaide.  We invite you to call us on 8362 5044 or 0409 100765 to check out our gold rates, you will find they are the best in Adelaide and the whole of South Australia!

We are ready to offer immediate cash loans on all types of gold including designer and gold estate jewellery.  Whatever gold, silver or platinum jewellery you have – watches, necklaces, broaches, chains, coins, nuggets or trinkets, we will pay cash for your gold.  All we ask is that you bring 100 points of identification as we are unable to prove ownership on gold.  Our interest rate on any gold loans is discounted to 10% for the first week and cash loans are settled immediately upon receiving and analysing your gold.  Analysing your gold takes just seconds in our mineral x-ray machine, which quickly gives us a breakdown of the purity (carat) of the gold and all other metals contained in the jewellery.

We lend on gold or buy gold outright.  With demand for gold being high and prices at record levels, now is the time to sell your broken gold, broken or unwanted jewellery or scrap gold.  We advance cash loans on any gold, silver or platinum, whatever the condition or carat and will even pay cash for dental gold. Being a goldsmith, we do not have to deal with a ‘middleman’ so we can afford to pay you the best prices in Adelaide on gold.

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Adelaide’s best and fairest cash price for gold

Being experienced jewellers, we are open about how we buy your gold, and open to telling you how to ensure you get a fair price for your gold. We would recommend you come to us for your valuation as many of the gold buying booths that have been set up recently to capitalise on high gold prices simply don’t give you fair prices.

Before handing your gold over, we recommend weighing it on kitchen scales to get an approximate weight.  If your jewellery contains any precious stones or diamonds and you are wanting to sell the gold for cash, please be aware that very few gold dealers will pay prices that reflect the precious stones value – most only pay for the gold content. Ask the dealer if and what they pay for any diamonds or other gemstones of value. Alternatively, go to a reputable jeweller and ask them to take out the stones.

Cash N Trade buy gold for cash or offer gold loans based on weight. Gold comes in many different carats and colours.  The carat of gold refers to its purity, so the higher the carat of the gold, the higher the purity and the higher price we can pay you.

Most of the time you can see a stamp on the gold which reveals its carat. For example, a 375 stamp indicates 9ct gold and the 375 refers to its purity being 37.5% gold.

The most popular categories of gold are below

  • 9ct Gold – stamped with 375 being 37.5% pure
  • 18ct Gold – stamped with 750 being 75% pure
  • 22ct Gold – stamped with 916 being 91.6% pure
The worldwide price of gold changes continuously all day as it is traded on the commodities market. It is our policy to set daily cash gold buying pricing to offer you the best rates in line with market prices, so you can be assured of the best value.

Once we know how much your gold weighs and what carat it is, we take our gold price per gram and multiply it by the weight of your gold.  Just a small amount of gold can produce a tidy sum of cash, so drop by and see us for your free gold valuation.

Cash N Trade Gold Buyers in Adelaide

Whether you have gold to sell or are looking to buy some antique Jewellery, feel free to browse our extensive collection of jewellery, trinkets and coins at our shop at Norwood.  Our gold buyers are always on hand to inspect your gold and give you the best value in Adelaide. We buy gold all over Adelaide, we are available 7 days a week and we can even come to you to buy your gold.

We pay cash for

  • Gold or any precious metal including silver and platinum in any condition
  • All gold jewellery, in any condition.
  • All broken, damaged, dental or scrap gold.
  • All white gold, rose gold and yellow gold.
  • Any carat gold including 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 18, 21, 22, and 24 ct.
  • Any and all gold medals, coins, nuggets, curios and watches.

Call us on 08 8376 1660 or 0409 100765 and we can turn your gold in fast cash for you!